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Laser cutting in wood

We master the technology of laser cutting in wood and acrylic and we have the latest generation laser cutters and engraving CO2.


Acrylic laser cutting

Do you need a company for acrylic cutting? Ask for a quote for your laser cutting or engraving in methacrylate (acrylic) without obligation.



Our dedicated engraving team can work with a wide range of plastics. If you need cuts in plastic, get in touch with us, as not all plastics can be cut.

Services Laser Engraving


Advantages of laser cutting

  • Excellent precision in cutting and engraving (0.1 mm generally).

  • Scalability. We can make both prototypes and large series and print runs.

  • Great use of materials, reducing waste.

  • The cut is clean, and no burrs are produced.

Keep in mind

  • When laser cutting wood, the edges of the pieces are obscured.

  • If wood is used, you will probably have to clean the pieces after cutting as the process gases settle on the surface.

Product Personalization

  • For an impressive way to leave a mark, we can customize your product with fine laser marked graphics and deep engraving. We can personalize a wide variety of items, such as iPad and laptop cases, using the very latest in laser technology and traditional hand engraving techniques.

We specialize in LASER MARKING; we have the best machines suitable for this service.

LASER MARKING is ideal for everything related to promotional products, commemorative plates, personal or object identification plates, acrylic pieces and many more. We can quickly and with high quality personalize objects of various sizes with names, barcodes, and QR codes, among others.


On the other hand, we have LASER ENGRAVING, this allows the engraving or marking of any type of graphic on rigid or flexible materials. Whether superficially or deeper. Laser engraving allows for a high quality of the final image and does not require subsequent finishing.


Engraving also allows you to mark or engrave on metal sheets, mainly stainless steel, and aluminum; These materials are the most used for pop material, merchandising, machinery plates and signage, among others.


Our high-tech equipment can provide you with solutions with the highest performance, which translates into the fastest delivery times that you can find in the market.

Services Laser Engraving


Laser cutting is a manufacturing process with infinite possibilities and different uses. However, it is necessary to know when to resort to this method:

  • If you need to cut wood into rectangles, squares or very simple pieces, we may be able to use a circular saw as it will be faster and therefore less expensive.

  • If you need to cut thick boards with curved shapes or carved in detail, it is probably best to use the milling machine or CNC machining center.

  • If you want a budget for laser cutting metal, we cannot help you since all our machines are CO2 and only cut materials such as wood, methacrylate, leather, felt, ABS, etc.

  • If you want to cut wood or methacrylate of small thicknesses (up to 15 mm) and you need a trustworthy company and experienced professionals, welcome to our company!




  • WOOD

  • CORK



  • SKIN



All engravings can be done in flat surfaces. If you have a special idea, don't hesitate to ask! 


All online personalized orders may take up to 3 business days to be produced and up to 10 for shipment and delivery.

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